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RENEXPO® SOUTH-EAST EUROPE - The only trade fair in Romania on biogas and cogeneration, that makes you energetically independent and the No.1 meeting point for the renewable energy sector in Romania, comes back between the 19th-...
Finnair will operate its flight from Helsinki to New York on 23 September with an Airbus A330 using environmentally sustainable biofuel, coinciding with the UN Climate Summit taking place in New York on the same day. As a leader in the sustainable...
Energy Efficiency
Covenant of Mayors
The Covenant of Mayors can be heralded as a groundbreaking movement, not only  because it has fostered the emergence of wide-ranging cooperation platforms at local,  regional and European levels, but also because of the substantial boost...
by Carmine Lorenzo Thanks to the policies providing for a growing use of biofuels in the automotive sector and to the tax incentives that have been adopted in many countries around the world in support of their production, the world market for...
The innovations introduced by the conversion Law no. 116 by Enzo de Lucia From the second half of 2014, GSE has been providing incentives to PV plants eligible for the Feed in scheme:  monthly payments are equal to 90% of the...
Ecomondo 2014
From 5th to 8th November, Rimini Fiera provides the green economy its showcase for national and international business It will be an ECOMONDO increasingly tailor-made to meet enterprises´needs. Rimini Fiera´s international expo, leader...
AMAP filtrazione su carbone attivo granulare
by Enzo De Lucia The presence of micro-pollutants in wastewater is a gradually emerging problem, since traditionally adopted biological treatments are sometimes ineffective.  Many of the organic pollutants that can be found...
Smart City
by Dario Rossi The optimal connection of a production plant to the public network has to allow the transit of both active and reactive energy and the "cut-off" in case of abnormal operating conditions, both in the...
by Carmine Lorenzo The term "waste" means any substance or object which the holder discards or intends or is required to discard.  According to the Consolidated Environmental Act, waste management is carried out in accordance...


The shortlist for the 2014 European Business Awards for the Environment (EBAE) has been revealed, following a two-day jury meeting in Rome, Italy. The 17 finalists come from 10 countries. The winners will be announced at a ceremony in Lyon on 1st...
Romania has a huge potential in hydropower sector, that keeps this market to be dynamic. According Hidroelectrica, 36,25% of the total produced electricity comes from hydropower. Now at its 7th edition, RENEXPO® SOUTH-EAST EUROPE...
Smart City
by Dario Rossi In a microgrid, storage of energy by means of a storage system is of fundamental importance. In fact, during potential load peaks, the microgrid may not be able to respond to load changes without an immediate...
Energy Efficiency
by Nicoletta Gentile It happens in Amstetten, Austria. A local power company, Stadtwerke Amstetten, has chosen to recover and reuse the heat from sewage.  Along a stretch of sewer of 42 meters, where the water temperature can reach 27...




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