Assembly ANIE / GIFI: measures at no cost to grid parity

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Concern about the current situation but also want to look to the future with a positive attitude - The national PV industry met on December 5 during the annual meeting of ANIE / GIFI in the Milan office. Entrepreneurs, in light of the crisis in the sector, have expressed the need to implement regulatory measures for both the short and the medium term in order to give continuity to the market and to prevent the loss of more jobs and therefore competitiveness international level.

In fact more than 6,000 jobs lost in the last year and many companies forced to close or transfer their activities abroad. This situation is the result of a series of measures and regulations legilsative - 5 Income Energy and CEI 0-21 - approved in a matter of weeks that have failed to implement the demands of the industry and who have sunk in a sector that has consistently demonstrated in a period of financial crisis, creating a unique dynamic enormous benefits for the national economy.

"We are living through the worst period of the history of Italian PV - says Valerio Christmas President of ANIE / GIFI, the voice photovoltaic Confindustria - and a situation to the limit by the paradox. Photovoltaics helps to satisfy more than 7% of the national electricity production and the same time we have an industry in danger of extinction due to lack of foresight measures that have further exacerbated the bureaucracy and uninhibited those virtuous processes that allow organizations to plan investments in the territory. "

"In spite of everything - more Christmas - member companies have been shown to have the strength to react and the assembly was the perfect opportunity to share ideas and proposals that can be implemented easily to support the sector. Proposals that include the reduction of bureaucracy and expense for access to the electrical system and operation of photovoltaic systems and an extension of the mechanism Metering. Such measures would have no impact on your electric bill and would be at no cost for both the state coffers for both citizens and contribuerebbero to lower the costs of the facilities to accompany the technology to full competitiveness. "

"We hope - concluded Christmas - that, at least this time, our interlocutors Institutional show openness and willingness to listen to the demands of an industry that until 2011 gave jobs and prosperity to more than 100,000 people."


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