State Property Agency and GSE sign convention for energy efficiency public buildings

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Rome –The State Property Agency and the Energy Services Operator signed
an agreement by which the Agency may draw on the specialized services of the GSE with the aim of reducing the energy consumption of the State's property portfolio and promote energy efficiency initiatives, also through access to incentives available for this type of interventions.
Specifically, the State Property Agency and GSE will prepare a work program to be implemented on real estate assets under management of the State Agency, which will cover all the topics related to the field of energy, including energy audit of assets (from both the point of view of the characteristics of the buildings and the point of view of the quantification of the costs for energy supply), implementation of a system for monitoring electricity consumption, conduct of audits and energy certification and specialized training for the staff.
The agreement was signed in the activities undertaken by the Agency within the framework of national and EU directives, which provide that the Member States of the European Union adopt measures aimed at the transformation of  Public administration buildings structures in high-performance energy structure ("nearly zero energy building" or NZEB), in consideration of the exemplary role that the public sector should play in this regard. In fact, the State Property Agency is responsible for the planning of maintenance work on buildings in use to general government (whether it is a real estate owned by the State or a properties of a third party), with the aim of ensuring a more efficient management of the assets and rationalization of expenditure, including through energy efficiency measures.
"The agreement with the GSE represents a major step- said the Director of the State Property, Stefano Scalera - to outline a coordination among the many actors involved in the processes of energy efficiency of public buildings. The intent is, in fact, to synthesize the various skills in this field, in order to achieve large-scale projects that can respond to the objectives set by the European Union. "
"The action of the GSE support towards public authorities provided for in Article 29 of the Development Law 99/2009 has grown progressively over time with the intent to contribute to the achievement of energy efficiency measures, including through training activities and informative, which aimed at spreading the culture of the use of renewable energy for sustainable development of the country "said President and CEO of the GSE, Nando Pasquali, on the occasion of the signature.
This agreement establishes, therefore, an important collaboration that will identify the tools needed to improve the performance of public buildings and start a virtuous cycle of optimization of energy consumption, thanks to the adoption of initiatives and more responsible behavior and aware.


Redazione thank you for the

Redazione thank you for the impressive post about the state property agency and the visit you had there. It was quite informative reading about State Property Agency and GSE sign convention for energy efficiency public buildings

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