Asbestos removal, possible only for companies registered in Class 10 of the Register of Operators

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Making a photovoltaic system as a result of reclamation of eternity can benefit from an additional premium of 5% incentive fee.

The remediation of asbestos cement, as pointed out by D. Decree 257/06, can be performed only by companies and experts, inscribed in special Rosters availableat the Chamber of Commerce (Roster of waste operators - Class 10 / improversasbestos).
These must notify to the competent local ASL the execution of the reclamation and security measures taken to minimize the risk of spread of asbestos andpreserving the health of workers and local residents.

With the removal of asbestos-containing product by using the method provided by the technical regulations (Health Ministry Decree of 06/09/94) and giving to thespecial waste disposal facilities for the specific type (CER 170605 for asbestos cement, 170603 for all other types), the liability ceases to be borne by the owneror operator of the property.

This condition is certified by law with the issuance by the company that performed the operation, the report of reclamation and a copy of the transportation and disposal of asbestos products removed.


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