News for photovoltaic systems in the agricultural field and solar greenhouses

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Article 65 Decree on liberalization marks the end of the ground for plants fotovotlaici.

Let's see what will change:

  • after 23 January 2013, one year of entry into force, it won't be possible to promote photovoltaic systems on farmland.

  • from January 24, 2012 it will be possible to promote all the plants for which the request has been submitted for the degree by January 24, 2012, and these plants will still be less than 1 mW and respect the value of 10%.

This change was preceded by the communication block log large plants of the GSE, so no change in sight for 2012, with the exception of the plants scheduled from 24 January to late March (the date on which entered into force, Article 10 of Legislative Decree March 3, 2011, No 28). can obtain incentive rate. Surely, these plants will be most affected by this change in the running.

For all other facilities developed on the ground, it was already known that there was no hope because of the limits of authorization, the tariff cuts, the unavailability of the network and in mainstream caps on rates.

Surely, an article so restrictive create threads and shows what is the government's position in the revision of tariffs incetivanti.

If, on one side the government has stopped the installations in agricultural areas, excluding small plants also in the service of farms, on the other side has tried to balance rewarding the installations on greenhouses.

With paragraph 3 of art. 65 has shown the technique of the Articles, by saying that plants greenhouses of the third Energy Bill will have a rate on buildings.

It quotes verbatim the ministerial decree of 6 August 2010, namely third Energy Bill, but it is already been passed by a fourth.


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