Small wind generation for the PAs of the province of Florence

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by Fabio Pezzuto 

In order to foster the deployment of micro wind generation, the Florentine Agency for Energy (FEA), a special purpose entity established by the Province of Florence, issued a public notice to provide local public administrations with an innovative small wind turbine.

Magellano, as it is called the turbine, is a 3 kW wind generator produced and provided by WindKinetic Wind Systems, a Sesto Fiorentiono-based start up. The main features of the turbine are his outstanding reliability and low visual and acoustic impact, that make it a perfect solution for the urban context.

The scope of possible applications runs from grid connected to standalone power systems: charge stations for electric vehicles, remote telecommunication antennas and hydro-pump stations are some examples suggested by the FEA. In addition, Magellano wind generator could be equipped with an electric sign to show advertising or institutional messages.

The public notice is addressed both to local administrations on the territory of the province of Florence and to other local administrations associated with the FEA. Proposals must be submit through certified mail at before 12 pm of 19 April 2013. A commission including some FEA's specialists, a Superintendence's official and WindKinetic's technicians will evaluate the projects and select the ones that will be granted the turbine.

Sergio Gatteschi, sole administrator of FEA, summarizes the range of the initiative: "Small wind turbines with low visual impact may help reaching important levels of renewable energy production without counterindications. I"m glad that the Agency will offer such an opportunity to local administrations of the province of Florence, of which at least one will be granted the wind turbine, and I'm grateful to WindKinetic for having offered it".

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