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Approved delibra 570/2012/R/efr on sambio on site. What will change 

The exchange service on site (hereinafter: SSP) is a regulatory institution that can compensate for the quantities of electricity fed into the grid in an hour with that taken from the network at a different time from that which occurs in the ' entry. In the metering is used then the electrical system as a tool for virtual storage of electricity produced but not consumed in the same time.
The metering therefore concerns the electricity fed and that withdrawn, not even the part of electricity produced and consumed instantly (which, therefore, is not fed into the grid).
Installations subject:
plants powered by renewable sources of power up to 20 kW;
- Plants powered by renewable sources of power greater than 20 kW up to 200 kW and entered into service after December 31, 2007 (the threshold of 200 kW is not applicable in the case of the Ministry of Defence);
- Cogeneration plants with higher power output up to 200 kW.
Law no. 99/09 provides that municipalities with a population of up to 20,000 residents can take advantage of the net metering of electricity for the plants that they own a power not exceeding 200 kW to cover the consumption of their users without taking into account the obligation of coincidence between the injection point and sampling point energy exchanged with the network and subject to the payment of network charges.
The metering may not be paid in respect of electricity generated and supplied by plants that access to the incentives provided by the Interministerial Decree July 5, 2012 (V photovoltaic energy bill) and the interministerial decree of 6 July 2012 (incentives for other renewable sources), as stated in the aforesaid decrees.
Article 23 of the Ministerial Decree 6 July 2012:
- Paragraph 2, provides that the Authority shall update the regulation of the conditions tecnicoeconomiche net metering in order to simplify the use for plants already in operation;
- Paragraph 3, provided that, with the update of the exchange mechanism in place, it is expected that electricity input is valued at market prices and, in addition, fees are established annually average lump sum defined and published by ' Authority for the costs incurred for the average network utilization, commensurate with the power of plants and the source used to apply only to the amount of electricity exchanged with the network, as disclosed by network operators.
For further information on the calculation, see the report.

With this resolution was innovated the rules of the exchange on site pursuant to Resolution ARG / elt 74/08 reviewing how to return to the tariff variables initially allocated to the user of the exchange for the amount of electricity exchanged and promoting the simplification of procedural conditions underlying the provision of the service metering. In particular, the simplification of procedural requirements is made through two measures: the elimination of data relating to individual bills and standardization of unit charge exchange lump sum, expressed in c € / kWh, equal to the sum of the tariff components variables "refundable" , as will be better detailed in the following. The simplifications mean that, for the purposes of metering, are no longer involved sales companies as previously required by Resolution ARG / elt 74/08, thus facilitating the application of the exchange on the spot due to the elimination of significant information flows.
The resolution 570/2012/R/efr is applied from the year 2013 for all users of metering. The metering continues to be paid on the basis of an annual contract tacitly renewable contractual terms and conditions must be regularly updated to take account of the regulation in force.


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