The anti-dumping damage only Italy

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These days there is much talk of anti dumping which is now a measure imminently to take the European Commission in the coming months.
Now at the European level there are two different sides facing each other, on the one hand Eu-ProSun that calls for measures to protect EU producers and elsewhere Afase asking openness to Asian goods for not removing the grid parity, especially in countries such as Italy.
Let's say that this action the EU will have negative effects on the Italian market for both consumers and producers.
Meanwhile, taking out competitors, market prices take long to fall and so the grid parity for Italian citizens turn away, favoring especially the utilities that have seen a decrease in their positions.
Then with regard to the Italian companies will not comuqnue how to protect themselves because most buy products from outside the EU, and will no longer buy from China.
In U.S. manufacturers continue to buy from several Asian countries, not elimando the problem.
Then do not forget that it is currently very difficult to compete with German companies and for different energy costs for bank rates unfavorable to Italian companies.
Then many Chinese companies delocalizzeranno in Eastern Turkey or in order to have competitive prices and emerging markets, so in the end we Italians also suffer due to competition from new producers like Europeans.
Just look at the recent acquisitions of German companies by Asian companies, to understand where you move the game.
So in the end it's not clear who and where they really care about our national interests, especially now that the Chinese had begun to invest in Italy, taking into account that our photovoltaic systems made ​​it much more than the Germans, but with this move will blocked?

In this short article I will explain how the anti-dumping, because it damages Italy, and how can we benefit if we do not adhere to.
In some cases the forms of protectionism becomes opaque and it is difficult to determine whether a measure of whether or not protectionist nature, to cope with dumping are often put in place anti-dumping measures. The problem is complex because sometimes they are the same anti-dumping measures can be considered as a form of protectionism.
The anti-dumping rules were designed as defensive tool, but can be used by companies in the country that imposes as offensive tool.
For Germany, much stronger and more competitive in all countries, it will become the leader in the European market for solar panels, as it has a chain technology and industry to which we can not compete with our producers, just will not have Chinese competitors ..
Dumping is defined as the case where a company sells its product at a lower price (FOB, excluding shipping and other charges) on the foreign market than the selling price on the domestic market.
Dumping is an international price discrimination occurs when a manufacturer exports goods at a price lower than the price in force in its domestic market.
Is often seen as a form of unfair competition and therefore a barrier to international trade (dump: the place of unloading of debris or garbage). Usually be distinguished three types of dumping:
• Dumping predatory
• Dumping sporadic
• Dumping persistent
While sporadic dumping and the predatory certainly have a negative effect on the foreign country importing the well, that could also be persistent positive because consumers in the importing country pay systematically a lower price for the good. But this does not take into account the loss of local producers.
For now, Italy is a country ripe for grid parity, that is, the system can do without the incentives and needs to take off tecnlogie low cost, but with the anti-dumping measures the achievement of grid parity will move away because they do not we will have more Chinese manufacturers.
It will not be a case that the anti-dumping measures come as soon as the Italian energy account will stop this summer and will have to walk without incentives, opening scenarios imaginable (it is estimated that the market will be stimulated greater than the current).
But we'll have to ask for new incentives to buy more expensive modules Germans, to the detriment of our bill.
Dumping is not necessarily synonymous with the sale, or selling below cost because it can indeed costiture a method of maximizing profits, and above all it would have been to Italy, but not for Germany.
Anti-dumping measures are a form of "protective custody" (administered protection AD).
In Germany this well administer our photovoltaic market.
1) The European Commission has opened an investigation attualemnte on the basis of the complaint which originates from the German (producers must represent at least 25% of European manufacturers).
2) The investigation focuses on three aspects:
• if you are in the presence of dumping
• If there is damage to the European industry
• whether to take action to remove that injury is more or less in the economic mainstream of Europe. The Commission must also consider the potential impact of such action on consumers, importers and retailers.
In this case, our MPs and our consumer association should try explaining that Italy's interest to import cheap products, because the benefit to the community is great, except for the lobby of the Gas.
So for Italy would increase competition and increase their bargaining power in negotiations with the rest of the world and in commercial disputes.
We would have positive effects of political and economic nature, as we continue to attract huge Chinese capital that invest in renewable sources in Italy.


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