Council of Ministers of European legislation

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Meeting of 15/02/2013

The Council of Ministers of 15 February 2013 has spoken on various issues, including the European regulations. 

Proposal of the Minister for European Affairs, in consultation with the competent Ministers, the Council finally approved, after acquiring the views of the competent parliamentary committees and the State-Regions Conference, 2 decrees transposing Community legislation.

The first measure reflects the significant changes introduced by Directive 2009/29/EC on the Community system for the trading of CO2 emissions - ETS (cf. press release no. 62 of 22 December 2012).

In particular, the decree defines in greater detail the scope for combustion plants and extended the system to other gases other than CO2.

In addition, the Decree governs the method of allocation providing that allowances are allocated through auction. More precisely, for thermal power plants and installations for the capture and storage of carbon allocation will be a few exceptions, totally for consideration ("full auctioning"), while, for installations in sectors other than power generation is expected a gradual transition to "full auctioning";

The decree also defines the procedures for managing the auction, which will take place at the national level with harmonized rules established at Community level, by providing that a substantial portion of the proceeds from the auctions are intended for the Ministry of Environment and mitigation policies to encourage adaptation to climate change (eg reduction of emissions of greenhouse gases, the development of renewable energy and energy efficiency, the promotion of carbon capture and geological storage of CO2 environmentally safe).

The second measure implementing the EU rules for simplifying and rationalizing the reports on practical implementation of the European Union in the field of health and safety at work. The simplification consists of sending a single report to the European Union on the implementation of all directives on health and safety at work (cf. press release. 56th of November 30, 2012).


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