The credibility of the wind industry for farm passes by the certification of the "Small Wind Certification Council"

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Small Wind Certification Council
by Ignazio Cusimano 

According to an authoritative opinion of who's in the wind sector, which is the technical director of the Small Wind Certification Council Brent Summerville, farms and wind energy have a background so deep and indissoluble bond to such an extent that amplifies the reciprocal functionality and utility. In fact, the same farmers tend to invest in equipment that will contribute increasingly to technology to develop and have a natural outlet in the agricultural market. The use of a lot of energy on the part of these companies, as well as by those dedicated breeding, recommends, inter alia, to rely on small wind, for a local production that obvious to the needs and the requirements. 

By analyzing the information released by the U.S. Department of Energy, Summerville can be said that energy prices are very volatile and, for this reason, the use of electricity generated from wind power could allow small farms and farming to counter increases costs in this sector: Since the use of energy "free" as that produced by the wind, allowing the plant to continue without an increase in energy costs. Obviously, each holding a different and more suitable solution: in fact, the advice of Summerville relate directly to those companies of farmers located in well ventilated areas, and provide space for the installation of the wind turbine.

For a full success of the project, in addition, the farms should carefully select both suppliers and installers-wind turbine quality: constant support, reliability and quality are the basis of a project's success small wind-farms. The same is Technical Director of SWCC also states that the testimonies of farmers who have been able to save his company by installing wind turbines (ranging from 10 to 100 kW of installed capacity) needs to be a good omen for similar companies. A true example of sustainability.

The role that SWCC assumes, in the relationship between farms and small wind turbine, is configured with the duties of protecting the credibility and quality of the wind, on the one hand, and consumer protection on the other: supervision, obtained by means of funding allocated both the U.S. Department of Energy that by state agencies and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, which allows you to "help the farmer to choose a wind turbine of quality." In particular, SWCC "provides a list of turbines that have been certified according to the national standard." In addition, public SWCC labels easy to understand for consumers relating to different values ​​of power, energy, and sound, and that allow a careful comparison and natural during the purchase.

Finally, the same Summerville states that the development of the quality of small wind, a special relationship of this technology to the agricultural sector and rapid (although careful and thorough) certificative practice, was made possible by the collaboration of several state agencies together. The certification of SWCC, in conclusion, therefore, assumes the characteristics of a real guarantee for consumers, both transmits security as regards the quality of the facilities and the quality of care.

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