Agire awarded the Energy Globe Award

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by Sara Adami

The Venetian Agency for Energy was awarded the Energy Globe Award 2013: it's called Act, it is headed by the Environment of the City of Venice Gianfranco Bettin and was rewarded for energy efficiency and for 'use of renewable after being selected from more than a thousand projects around the world.
The proposal by the International Commission awarded the Energy Globe Foundation was the generator "Giant: wave energy": this experiment curated by Manlio Boito has been working for two years of this working prototype. The commission, headed by Maneka Gandhi, has evaluated the Giant winning, built-in stand-alone non-traditional, is located alongside the quay of St. Basil's Cathedral in Venice and consists of a buoy floating in a binary: the movement of the float with respect to its stationary guide drives the production of clean energy thanks to the motion of the waves. The energy is then produced by the perpetual motion of the tides themselves, indisputable renewable source.

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