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The documents contained in this newspaper does not constitute professional or legal advice.
The magazine offers an information service and it isn't an web advisory service. Therefore not be taken into consideration all the mail messages that underlie such a service.

Alternatively, the readerswrite can confront with other readers commenting on the articles. 


The copy and other uses of the site content without written editor permission is prohibited. The texts use for personal use and only no-commercial  use is allowed . Acts of State and Government are not covered by copyright.

If you believe you have copyright tights to the published content here, may give warning by e-mail: we will immediately remove the indicated content.


The content on this web site is not official. For the acts of state and government, official publication is only authentic. Publisher and authors disclaim any liability for inaccuracies.

The sites where you can link from this site or that can connect to it are not under the control of the publisher. This site may contain links and then (or "link") to websites operated by parties other but is not responsible for the content of any such sites or any link contained in any such site or of any changes and updates to such sites .

The publisher doesn't control the advertisements and it can't be responsible for their contents in any way.

Privacy Policy

The data acquired by join the mail alert and other services will not be used for the data processing. therefore, data will not be used for different purposes than those covered by the request.


All comments liability is who wrote them. The comments to articles are open to anyone, upon web registration, in order to generate a constructive debate on the issues addressed. Comments should be relevant to the topic described, no contain personal data and advertising; expressed with education, respect for others ideas and laws. Comments that break the rules will be deleted.

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