Just What Exactly Are Parson Chairs?

Just What Exactly Are Parson Chairs?

A parson seat is a special kind of padded dining chair. The name has nothing to do with the clergy. The chair was named for its origin - it was created in Paris in the 1930s, by a designer at the famous Parsons School of Design.

When the chair was designed, Parsons School designers did not radically develop the thought of the chair as Bauhaus did in Germany. Instead, the stamped designers historical influences, kept what worked, threw away what did not create a lasting modern classic. The most important features of this - its naturalism, simplicity and linear appearance - are classic modernist moves, but the style reflects the 19th century Mission and Arts and Crafts styles, Art Nouveau styles that appeared later and Art Deco that were contemporary at the time of Parsons chair design. The simplicity of the chair fits with these styles and a large number of others, both classical and modern.

Originally, it was intended to be used in a set of parsons tables, whose linear look reflects a similar aesthetic in the matching chair. But with a bit of irony, the simplicity of both has led to the fact that they are adapted separately to many styles of furniture and furnishings. The result? Today they are rarely seen together. The Parsons style is so adaptable that many who own a parsons table or a parsons chair have no idea that followers are present. The Parsons chair is almost always made of hardwood and has a slightly curved backrest and leg. They are usually fitted with slipcover clothing that completely covers the legs and gives it a solid, monumental appearance. This slipcover is optional or absent on many new models.

Most parsons chairs are today direct clones in the original Parsons School design. However, there are many new variations, including versions with kabrioled, Chippendale-influenced designs, shorter or longer patterns and armrest versions, versions inspired more or less by Art Nouveau or Art Deco, and so forth. The original Parsons School design was stuffed in leather, and it is still a very popular stuffing option, although microfabrics are increasingly used. The wide range of options available today should make sure you find one that suits you.

Parson Chairs have recently become very popular, especially among young American families and so I thought I only take time explaining exactly what a clergy chair is and giving some thought about why they became so popular again. Simply a Parson chair is a traditional dining chair with an upright back and no armrests. Many think that the name Parson Chair comes from something to do with the church but this is not true, rather, the name comes from a French design school, The Parsons School of Design.

Pairson chairs are generally considered to be part of the dining room furniture, with solid wooden tables, often a table table, usually paired with a pair or a set of four chairs. They are usually padded on the seat and have a solid wooden back that may not be padded. Due to its sleek and simple lines, Parson Chairs and tables are very useful and can be used in many different room styles. And since there are great modern styles available, you can also have a set in a modern dining room.

But the real reason why captain chairs have become very popular is, in my opinion, people have realized how versatile they are and that they can be used not only in the dining room but in almost any room at home. Dads favorite chair is often the captain and you often see them in sunny conservatory or even in front of computers.

Another reason for Captain Chairs resurgence in popularity is that they come in all sorts of patterns and colors nowadays. With woods from pine to mahogany to oak, a wide range of fabrics from cotton to chintz and any color you can imagine even though I have not seen a pink yet. What this means is that from being in the past, a small, constant or even boring modern captains chair has an impressive contemporary image and pride itself in many modern households.

Hopefully I have given you an introduction to the captains chairs and at least some curiosity and the urge to go and at least take a look. I hesitate to say this but I think there is a captain chair that fits almost anyones taste, young or old, traditional or modern and funky, theres a chair out there for you somewhere. So I recommend checking out these chairs, as they say, you never know and you can be pleasantly surprised.

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